A picture might be worth a thousand words, but for most real estate agents, it could be mean losing a listing.  Even though there are other crucial factors that contribute to selling a home, it’s fascinating whenever a seller pulls a listing simply because a picture didn’t capture every alluring essence that only the seller sees.  However, this does not license a real estate agent to exert no effort while taking pictures. 

You think Rocket Science is hard?  Try photography.

On the flip side, sometimes real estate agents just don’t have much to work with. 

“Mrs. Jones, I know you like this table, but what kind of ‘value’ are we talking about that this is adding?”

Here is a list of pictures showcasing some truly effortless listing pictures.  Enjoy!

It’s one thing to move some toys out of the way, but having to take a mattress out of the kitchen might be pushing the requirements of an agent.  Maybe if we just shut the oven, fix the blinds, and sweep the floors.  Then again, we can always include “Fixer-upper” in the ad.

“So are we going for the whole ‘CSI investigative scene’ here?”

Can you imagine a world without spell check?  Believe it or not, there was a time we had to proofread stuff.  It’s amazing to see how replacing a “v” with a “c” can really change a message.  Now, I just hope I used proper spelling when poking fun at this ad.  That would be embarassing

Rule of Thumb: Apartments with spacious first floors are prone to lice.

I shouldn’t have to say this.  Nevertheless, a listing picture should include the house you are selling.  If unkempt shrubbery is your selling hook, then good luck trying to find an avid hedge artist.

Some buyer’s enjoy playing I Spy, right?

You might know this, but real estate agents have very fragile legs.  It’s a struggle to leave our beds much less our cars.  Lucky for us at McNaughton Real Estate, we’ve been taking full advantage of our Pilates instructor that moved in next door.   

Whoever said drive-bys were only for gangsters?  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some eyes must not work correctly.  Being from Arkansas, we’ve seen our share with camo theme houses.  Try to stay with neutral colors when selling your house.  And don’t use wrapping paper as wall paper either…

If you look closely, you can see the entire family wearing matching PJs.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures” has been the mentality for many realtors throughout the nation.  Lafayette, IN must be in great despair.  Not only do their houses need to be digitally enhanced, but the budget cuts required a downgrade on their computer software.

This agent’s proud mother added this gem to her refrigerator.

Nothing says “sold as is” than beef jerky sizzling in the corner.  A better idea would have been leaving the road kill on the street.  On the other hand, I bet this is actually the neighbor’s pet, and the owners panicked while trying to find a hiding place.  Too many scenarios, so little time.

The sellers also included the microwave that Sparky shot out of.

It’s always good to keep the tenant in the loop during picture day.  You never know what you’ll find or, better yet, not find (in this case a shirt.)  Sex does sell, but make sure your advertising something remotely sexy…

Try not to schedule your showing between 2:00-5:00.  That’s when Phil parties his hardest.

Between pink flamingos and garden gnomes, there are plenty of options to make your yard tacky.  Let’s try to keep the skulls and toilets to ourselves.  And don’t give me that “it’s an outhouse.”  Slap some walls around it and cut a crescent out of the door and maybe we’ll talk.

Seriously though, isn’t it up to the owner to decide how many bathrooms there really are?

I’ll admit some sellers work as stringently as agents.  And agents should know their client’s sleep patterns (well, enough to not be creepy.)  But if it’s picture day, we don’t need a client as a centerpiece. 

“Hey you with the camera, can you find me a new TV?  Maybe one that isn’t the size of a Teletubby’s belly? ”

It’s common to fumigate your house, but I haven’t heard too many instances where an exorcist was needed.  I’m scared enough going into a seller’s home where the electricity is off.  I definitely don’t need to add Ghost Hunter to the resume.    

Who ya gonna call??? Another agent…

Let me know if you find any horrible real estate ads.  You can send them to me at tyler@mcnaughtonrealtors.com.  I'll see if we can get a special section for your pictures on our Facebook page.