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Household Pet Safety

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team

The average home can be a dangerous place for pets. The best way to ensure the safety of canine or feline friends is to be aware of possible household dangers (electrical cords, liquid potpourri, toxic plants, chemcials in cleaning products, etc) Also, be preparied in case an emergency arises.  The American Veterinary Medical Association at has information on household hazards and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at has an extensive list of toxic and nontoxic plants. Being prepared and aware will give peace of mind that your pet is sharing your home safely.

The Power of Flowers

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team
Flowers really do brighten your day, according to Harvard researchers. In the study, two groups of people lived with either fresh flowers or decorative item like a candle for about a week; their emotions were recorded several times a day. Those who kept flowers were kinder and more compassionate toward other, and felt less negative overall. What's more, they said the positive vibes even made it from home o work, where they felt happier, more enthusiastic, and more energized. So imagine what fresh flowers could do in your home to a prospective buyer.

Helping Home Sales

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team
Existing home sales have cooled forcing sellers to go to new lengths to catch a prospective buyer's eye. Here are two ways to help sellers make a house look its very best: Design lite - "Home Stagers" at specialize in readying a house for sale. Charging about $75.00 an hour, they might temporarily bring in new furniture, plnats and other accents. Mini makeover-Professional rearrangrs, refiners and "microdesigners" charge about $50 an hour to display furniture and knick-knacks in a visually appealing way at

What is AMT?

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team
It is the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) whose origins date back to the late 1960's and was designed to make sure a small number of very wealthy people couldn't avoid paying federal income taxes. Now, however, it's hitting growing numbers of other people. The number of people that could be hit by the AMT for 2007 will soar to more than 23 million from about four million last year

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4

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