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How's your Home Search Going?

by David Tyler Mills

If you see a home that interests you, let us know!  We will be more than happy to show it to you!  Happy President's Day!

Open House this Sunday!

by David Tyler Mills

Sunday, September 11 we are having an open house from 2pm through 4pm!

1756 Greystone Pl, Springdale, AR

This beautiful home is also near parks, schools, a hospital, a firestation, and a variety of stores.  We can't wait to see you there! 


What Kind of Real Estate Investor Are You?

by David Tyler Mills

Real estate investing has the potential to be a complicating process, but just like any type of investing, there’s a learning curve.  With a little bit of help and research, anyone can be a real estate investing guru. According to the Certified Investor Agent Specialists, there are the five different segments of investors in real estate investing.  See which segment you might be included in, and take note of each tip within the segment to help you with all of your future endeavors.    

First-Time Investor

Being a first time investor can be intimidating due to the complexities of the investing process.  Nevertheless, the vastness of knowledge should not deter anyone away.  Everyone must start somewhere, so taking baby steps is pivotal.  First-Time Investors are starry eyed individuals who have never purchased an investment property in their life.  These investors can easily be overwhelmed with information and unfamiliar with investing terminology and processes.  Here are some tips to help ease the burden: 

  •       Use free online tools, such as, to become familiarize with terminology.
  •       Find a REALTOR® who can provide reassurance and can update you frequently.
  •       Understand that First-Time Investors have the potential to be the most important investment type for real estate firms.  In other words, these investors have leverage. 
  •       Be prepared to have questions ready before meeting with a REALTOR®. 

Move-Up Investor

Move-Up Investors can be the same as First-Time Investors in regards to that they may have never purchased an investment property.  However, these investors already own a home with payments low enough to support it as a rental property.  Over time, a Move-Up Investor can build a portfolio of rental properties that can generate wealth.  Here are some tips to consider: 

  •      Continue to learn terminology and some basic financial formulas.
  •      Incorporate a rental strategy that is long term.  Focus on using cash flow and equity to purchase another rental.
  •      Find a REALTOR® who can provide assurance, give frequent updates, and show the potential of a home in the current rental market. 

Portfolio Investor

Investors who have previously owned property and plan to continue purchasing property every one to three years are called Portfolio Investors.  These investors incorporate these properties in their long-term investment plans.  Most real estate firms strive to acquire a loyal group of Portfolio Investors to give stability and predictability to their databases.  Consider the following guidelines: 

  •    Be comfortable with investment concepts and terms.
  •    Be knowledgeable of the local market.
  •    Find a REALTOR® who maintains constant contact, understands your specific needs, and assists with input on property management strategies.
  •    Be aware of your importance to the real estate firm.  If you’re not treated like a valued customer, find a new firm. 

Performance Investors

Performance Investors are the “Ferraris” of the real estate investors.  These rare investors purchase at least one property to hold each year.  They are usually high net-worth individuals who understand the value of large cash-flow real estate portfolios.  Also, they are highly experience and most likely have refined investment goals.  It is important for Performance Investors to find a REALTOR® the meets their specific needs.  Real estate firms will give up their left leg if that demonstrates value to these customers, so be sure to find a REALTOR® that genuinely cares.  Look for the following characteristics that your REALTOR® should possess: 

  •       Demonstrates value through thorough property evaluations, calculations, and portfolio managers.
  •       Actively and strategically utilizes networking and marketing tools.
  •       Maintains constant contact. 

Rehab and Resell Investors

The Rehabilitation and Resell Investor, also called R&R or “flippers,” purchases property, makes quick improvements, and then resells it.  These investors are not interested in buying and holding property.  They would rather make a sell within six months at the most.  Since R&R Investors are usually highly experienced, it is important for them to find a REALTOR® that: 

  •       Understands the REO, short sale, and probate process.
  •       Understands the specific buying, selling, advertising, and rehabilitation tolerances.
  •       Uses marketing and networking tools in a timely manner.
  •       Networks with contractors and R&R team members. 

One thing you might notice is the importance of a real estate agent in each market.  No matter how experienced you are, a high-quality real estate agent is essential in minimizing the risks in this recovering market.  The McNaughton Real Estate Team takes pride in extraordinary customer service and their persistence in researching real estate. If you want to dabble in the real estate market or need a loyal business consultant to help manage your portfolio, call McNaughton Real Estate today at (479) 442-9099, or visit us at 3422 North College Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72703.  We will be more than happy to help you.


823 Durham Pl., Bentonville, AR

by Elizabeth Rodgers

823 Durham Place Bentonville, AR  2 bdrn 1.5 bath condo in the heart of bentonville featuring wood floors, ceramic tile, and built-in oven.  Seller will also consider leasing.  Call the McNaughton team today to schedule your private showing 479.442.9099

Back To School Tips

by Elizabeth Rodgers


As the summer draws to an end for most school aged children, I am reminded of one thing… my mother.  During an age when information wasn’t at her fingertips, she always found a way to make my first day back to school a fun and exciting time. 

In order to help your child make a smooth reentry to school, check out this website .  Here you will find tips on back-to-school topics ranging from what to expect on the first day of school, to dealing with back-to-school anxiety, and adjusting to a new teacher.  You'll also find must-know information for parents on homework, school subjects, and helping your kids improve their skills. Give your kids a strong start this back-to-school season, and keep them on track all year long!

Enjoy a Cup of Coffee and a morning walk in Fayetteville.

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team

Recently while having coffee with a friend, we decided to schedule mornings to explore the new Fayetteville walking trails.  Our first morning we met at Panera Bread on Front Street for a cup of coffee to go.  The Mud Creek Trail crosses under HWY 71B about 200 yards north of Panera.  Total trail distance is 2.1 miles with the HWY 71B access being about equal distance from each end.  The trail is paved and provides a great two way path for walkers, bikes or strollers.  A round trip in either direction is about 2 miles.  We did both directions round trip for a great 4 mile hike that made us ready for a second cup at Panera. 

Basics of Estate Planning

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team
An estate plan is a technique through which a person conserves assets and transfers them to heirs at least tax cost. There are many elements to estate planning. It begins with a will and can include trust, a power of attorney and insurance. Whatever the structure, keep it up-to-date, review at least every two or three years, keep family members aware of the details including the location of all the significant financial papers and how to reach the key advisor(s). Also consult heirs before putting the plan into effect so there are no suprises in the arragements.

Make Smaller Seem Larger

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team

Here are 5 ideas from Libby Langdon of HGTV's Small Space, Big Style:

1. De-clutter- What makes a large elegant house feel big is because its open and uncluttered. A small space that is organized can feel the same way.

2. Paint- This is on of the cheapest ways to open up space. Be bold with colors and not just go with white.

3. Lighting- Dark corners make a room feel small. Buy three-way bulbs and tall skinny lamps.

4. Mirrors- Postion a large mirror opposite a window or door to reflect the light.

5. Go Up- Look at extending tot he ceiling to draw eyes up... higher draperies and closet doors can expand your room.

Home Staging

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team
In her book, Home Staging Barb Schwarz writes that "Two things sell a house: one is price and the other is home staging." The goal of staging is to make an ordinary home into a model home can be accomplished by the homeowner or hiring a professional home stager.

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