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Homes are selling fast!

by David Tyler Mills

It's a buyer's market!  Homes are selling fast here in Northwest Arkansas.  Give us a call to help you find some amazing deals on any home ranging from HUD homes to short sales to quality homes to much more!

Foreclosure Fears Foster True Grief

by David Tyler Mills

Reports of foreclosures by the millions have been in the news so much over the past few years that to some, it might seem like the new normal. 

But as real estate professionals who are in the trenches with financially stressed homeowners every day, it never for a second feels like “business-as-usual.”

The prospect of losing one’s home is right up there among the major sources of grief, and often, it goes hand in hand with other tragic setbacks such as the loss of a job, a divorce, death of a loved one, mounting medical bills, or skyrocketing mortgage payments.

Unfortunately, the first stage of grief is denial, and that’s even more the case when the threat of foreclosure is looming. No one wants to talk about or admit financial troubles—even when millions of others have found themselves in a similar spot.  It’s completely understandable, but for homeowners who are behind on mortgage payments, decisive action is often the most critical step toward ensuring the best possible solution.

As real estate professionals who have sought out the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation, we help homeowners to deal with every aspect of the grief and uncertainty that accompanies a mortgage which is no longer manageable. In the process, we help them to get on a path of financial solvency.

If you or someone you care about would like to change the course of a life that’s facing foreclosure, we get it, and we can help.

Contact us today!

The McNaughton TEAM is CERTIFIED!

by Sarah Tuller

We don’t mean to brag, but we just can’t hold in our excitement any longer! Our Team has accomplished many things over the past few years, and this year we’re proud to announce that every member of the McNaughton Team is CDPE Certified!

 What does CDPE stand for? Certified Distressed Property Expert! A Certified Distressed Property Expert is a Real Estate professional with a specific understanding of the complex issues confronting the Real Estate industry and the foreclosure avoidance options that are available to homeowners today!

 The CDPE Designation is the FASTEST growing designation among Realtors today, and we are so proud to have an entire team that is knowledgeable about the tribulations concerning our market.

 So, why do we ALL have the certification? Because we want to HELP! There are many people currently treading the waters of the financial river, and we want to be their lifeline! If anyone you know is in financial distress, we can and WILL help them find a solution! Call the Terri Lynne McNaughton Team for more information, or visit our CDPE website!

-Sarah Tuller-
Director of First Impressions
Certified Distressed Property Expert

Stop Foreclosure

by Don E. McNaughton

Bail Out! Bail Out! Bail Out! 


That is all we hear in the news today. Someone, Everyone is wanting or hoping to get bailed out of there troubles.  When the dust settles at the end of the day the average homeowner didn't get a dime to help them with there troubles. Many homeowners find themselves in a no win situation. They cant make there mortgage payments and they cant sell the home because its not worth what they paid for it. But WAIT!  There is a Bail Out for homeowners in this situation!  We are selling houses all the time that are worth less than what is owed!  Really!  We are!  Its called a Short Sale. This is where the bank accepts an offer for less than what is actually owed!  Wow!  How do we get that done?

Its our designation CDPE  (Certified Distress Property Expert)  We have knowledge, skills and tools to get your offer accepted!  With out knowing what a bank expects to see this process is virtually impossible.  So for all of you wondering how you were going to get help from a Bail out its me!  I'm a CDPE!  There should be something on the news about that!  If you or someone you know is in this situation please have them contact me  I can help there is hope!

10 Reasons to Avoid Foreclosure

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team

1. The client will always have to disclose that they have had a foreclosure on any mortgage application and many job applications they submit in the future and this can have an adverse affect on your future mortgage rates. This is the only credit item that is asked specifically and does not rely on what is on an individuals' credit report.

2. Credit scores will be lowered by 300+ points and a foreclosure is the most devastating credit issue you can have in relation to future credit availability.

3. A foreclosure is the one credit report item that is almost impossible to have repaired.

4. Your lender can seek a deficiency judgment against you and collect for any amount they do not recuperate at bank sale.

5. Many employers run credit checks on prospective employees and foreclosure is one of the top  items that will put a potential new hire in jeopardy.

6. Many current employers run credit checks and a foreclosure can put a current position in jeopardy

7. Security clearances and government positions including but not limited to military and law enforcement can be jeopardized by a foreclosure.

8. The client may be responsible for any deficiencies after foreclosure for an intermediate. Period of time depending on the state you live in; this can land a homeowner in never ending collections.

9. "As your CDPE agent I will explore every option with you and work toward a resolution

10 "While it may not seem like it now there will come a time where your current financial troubles will pass. You will feel much better knowing that you did everything you could to avoid this devastating financial consequence so many people face today?

Certified Distressed Property Institute

by Terri Lynne McNaughton Team

Terri Lynne and I recently attended class in Orlando Flordia to recieve our Certified Distressed Property Expert  (CDPE)  Designation.    This designation gives us the knowledge and the tools to help troubled homeowners in distressed situations potentially avoide foreclosure and do a short sale with the bank.   This is a cruicial part of the real estate market right now and staying on top of constant changes and laws allow us to help our current clients and future clients in need of selling there home.

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