How about those Razorbacks?!  I don’t want to sound superstitious or anything, but I would like to think that our pre-game tailgate this past Friday had a huge impact on the outcome of the game.  With such a great turnout, it was impossible to avoid the Hog Fever at McNaughton Real Estate.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, cookie cake, brownies, and sweet tea as far as the eye could see!

“It was good to say the least,” smirked Mrs. Bobbie to me since I was absent due to having my wisdom teeth removed.  What a bummer!

In fact, I heard that everyone had such a good time that Terri decided to make this an annual event.  Talk about adding insult to injury. 

And to rub it in even more, I heard that I didn't even win the two free tickets out of pity.  Instead, congratulations to Megan Watts-Pazdera for winning the 1st Annual McNaughton Razorback Tailgate Free Tickets!

Let me tell you.  Nothing brightens my day more than hearing how great of a time all my co-workers and their clients had this past weekend while I try to keep these two ice packs on my face.  Stupid wisdom teeth…