Decorate your rental home for FALL!



Personalize your home while staying within your rental guidelines!!



 Dress it up with Pumpkins!


Add various sizes of pumpkins to a window sill, porch, dining table or stairs can provide seasonal appeal. From jack-o-lanterns to hollowed-out pumpkins filled with potpourri, pumpkins are a simple way to add autumn accents to any room of the home.  Trade your regular planters for a few iron cages; fill them with small pumpkins and colorful gourds for a great new look beside the front door.





Decorative items that feature witches, black cats, ghosts, etc…can be fun. Or go more classic with gourds, candles, acorns & fruits. Look for subtle ways to use these features in various rooms. Items like doormats, pillows, candle holders, tablecloths, candy jars, dishes, throw rugs, plant containers, etc…often can be found in the Halloween style.





Change out summer artwork for fall pieces, change pillows, candles, curtains & towels.  Bring out the comfy throws & duvet covers.  Think harvest colors! Browns, wine  & orange !!!


By simply refreshing and rearranging you can create a new look for your home every season without ever having to pick up a paint brush!!