Calling all pack rats: Are you ready to conquer clutter once and for all? The National Association of Professional Oranizers ( offers these handy tips.

Kids Room

1. Place bins and boxes on lower shelves so a child can put away toys.

2. Lable storage so it's easy for children to put items where they belong.

3. Provide low hooks to hang up sweaters, pajamas, jackets,book bags, etc.

4. Take children with you when you go to donate unused items. This helps them learn to part with things.


1. Pull out evertything youhavent worn in the past year.

2. Display what you want at your fingertips and store the rest on top shelves or drawers

3. Make sure you can see what you have in your closet.

4. Consider installing good lighting.

5. Hang ike items together shirts, pants, dresses, etc.


1. Consolidate things that work together, such as baking pans, electrical appliances, plastic containers (with lids) and pots and pans.

2. Use drawer dividers to keep utensils in orders.

3. Rotate food staples out of your pantry.

4 Feel the flow of activity. Place glasses near the sink or refrigerator. Put snacks in a convenient drawer or cupboard.


1. Decide how to use the space. Is it a workshop? Is it a stoarge center?

2. Toss things that don't work!

3. Sort, purge and propely store treasures.

4. Consider floor-to-ceiling shelving, racks, stackable drawers, hooks and pegboards.