Ask anybody who has been through it.  Shopping for a home consumes a lot of time when you try to please everyone in the household.  Shopping for me in general, rather it’s for clothes or groceries, is too much of a hassle for me.  I blame it on the Y chromosome.  I see what I like, go to the store, grab it, and leave.  Show me something I like; I’ll buy it.  Done. 

Ladies are a little bit different.  I can skip my exercise for the day if I plan on going to the mall with a girl.  I literary put on a jogging suit, do my stretches, and fill my water bottle before facing this marathon women like to call “shopping.”  Even then, you’ll find me slumping in a chair in Warren’s Shoes trying to catch a second wind.  

“Where is this going, Tyler?”  Ladies, do you want to shorten the decision making process with your husband?  Tell him there’s a golf course near.  Boom!  He’s sold.  You’re welcome.

Here is a list of all the golf courses in Northwest Arkansas provided by Northwest Arkansas Now.  Check it out here!   If you see a home in Bella Vista, Pea Ridge, Rogers, Lowell, Springdale, Johnson, Fayetteville, Siloam Springs, or Farmington with a golf course near, then give us a call to set an appointment!

“Tyler!  You have no idea what you’re talking about!  As the man in the household, I decide where we live!”  Well, calm down sir.  Maybe this will help put your wife at ease.  Here are some of the biggest shopping malls in Northwest Arkansas

Searching for that new home is an exciting, but when your efforts aren’t fruitful and time is wasted, then it can be stressful.  That’s why we urge you to utilize our search tool to help save you time.  Happy house hunting!

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