I know everyone is in their tip-top physical shape after my blog on workout supplements, but we can’t forget about the brain.  Yeah, it’s great to be in shape, but nobody likes all brawn and no smarts.  Fortunately, there are a variety of lifestyle choices that can directly exercise and preserve our brains.

Lumosity.com has a website that will grade your brain from your lifestyle choices.  Just go to www.braingradetest.com to try your free test.  It only takes about 5 minutes.

Along with your grade, the test gives an analysis on your diet, exercise, health, lifestyle, and cognition.  It will highlight areas you’re strong at and explain why that activity is important.  The test also includes areas that you’re struggling in and how you can improve them.  If you want, Lumosity.com can help train your brain.

I won’t tell you what I got, but let’s just say I need to eat more fish.  Let me know what y’all think!