If you’re having a hard time deciding what to splurge on whenever you receive your refund check from the government, here is a unique idea.  Why not buy an island?!  Vacations are so short-term anyway, right?  Not to mention you’ll gaining the ability to top any story at any dinner with acquaintances.


“Oh, you went paragliding?  Hmm…  Well, I have an island.”

So if you’re ready to grab the American dream by the horns, then take a look at Private Islands Online.  With an assortment of listings throughout the world, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect island for you and your yacht.  Here are a few to put on your wish list.

North Coco Plum Island, Belize

Price: $2,750,000

Size: $10.3

Location: Dangriga 


  • 15 minute flight from the International Airport
  • 30 minutes by boat from the mainland in the Southwater Marine Reserve
  • 5 concrete Casitas
  • 5 Over Water Cabanas
  • A 3 Unit Family Villa that accommodates 31 in privacy
  • 1200 foot seaside boardwalk
  • 3 bars (I'm assuming sand bars.)
  • 2 dining areas
  • A scuba center
  • Banks, pharmacies, markets, and essentials only 30 minutes away


West Nalaut Island, Philippines

Price: $8,000,000

Size: 118 acres

Location Palawan


  • “Top 10 island destination in the world” –National Geographic
  • Mostly trash and garbage free due to governmental awareness programs
  • Located in the region with the highest tourism potential in the world
  • Permits and licenses for luxury resort provided
  • Record breaking growth in tourism arrivals of 392% in a 12-month period
  • One thousand pages of documentation are included in the full purchase price, giving you plenty of literature to read on your lonely island.  
  • 40 minute-flight from Manila to Busuanga
  • Out of the Philippine typhoon belt
  • “A” seismic safe tsunami free zone (Not sure why there are quotes around “A,” but it leads me to believe that this island isn’t safe from "many" seismic tsunamis)
  • Freshwater source on the island
  • 3G GSM cellular signal on the island, which isn’t useful for having pizza delivered


Rangyai Island, Thailand

Price: $160,000,000

Size: 110 acres

Location: East of Phuket


  • Freshwater
  • Electric generator
  • Mobile signal, so you won't be stuck talking to Wilson all day
  • 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport
  • 10 minutes by boat from the nearest town
  • Beautiful white sand beaches
  • Lush tropical forests
  • Incredible 360° views


The fabulous life of the rich and famous awaits you.  However, if you don’t have a couple of million hiding under your suede, Siberian white tiger couch cushions, then check us out for plenty of great prices for homes in Northwest Arkansas.  We’ll even let you build a moat around your home if you desire.    

“I wonder if the price of stale Cheerios has increased this year.”