Bail Out! Bail Out! Bail Out! 


That is all we hear in the news today. Someone, Everyone is wanting or hoping to get bailed out of there troubles.  When the dust settles at the end of the day the average homeowner didn't get a dime to help them with there troubles. Many homeowners find themselves in a no win situation. They cant make there mortgage payments and they cant sell the home because its not worth what they paid for it. But WAIT!  There is a Bail Out for homeowners in this situation!  We are selling houses all the time that are worth less than what is owed!  Really!  We are!  Its called a Short Sale. This is where the bank accepts an offer for less than what is actually owed!  Wow!  How do we get that done?

Its our designation CDPE  (Certified Distress Property Expert)  We have knowledge, skills and tools to get your offer accepted!  With out knowing what a bank expects to see this process is virtually impossible.  So for all of you wondering how you were going to get help from a Bail out its me!  I'm a CDPE!  There should be something on the news about that!  If you or someone you know is in this situation please have them contact me  I can help there is hope!