With four members named as the top 50 prospects in their respective classes and being in the top 25 preseason ranking once again, Arkansas Razorback baseball ensures another thrilling season.  Children cheering, alumni reminiscing, and college students heckling engulf Baum Stadium creating an amusing environment to say the least.  From the start of the first inning to the bottom of the ninth, the excitement of Razorback baseball never ceases.  Unfortunately, the enthusiasm dwindles when heading back to a boring hotel room, but it shouldn’t!  Why not head back to a place where the fun can continue?

2130 Garland has everything that all the mundane hotels forgot to offer.  Whether you have a family or are just visiting friends in Fayetteville, this condo has a queen size bed in a private bedroom as well as a pull out sofa bed.  Forgot your towels?  This condo has all your linens.  Wanting to stay in to eat or to host other baseball fans?  There will be plates, dishes, a stove, a microwave, and a dishwasher waiting to be used.  Didn’t bring enough clothes?  Use the washer and dryer.  Exhausted from a long day?  Relax and watch the flat screen television in the living room or maybe watch the one in the bedroom or maybe go outside and enjoy the pool.  This condo couldn’t possible get any better, right?  WRONG!  Forget about traveling all over Fayetteville just to be included in the fun.  This condo is only MINUTES away from Baum Stadium, the university, and Dickson Street!  Consider 2130 Garland a home away from home.