About the Fair…

From the outset, the War Eagle Fair was a project of, by and for little people: A group of little old ladies exhibiting their weaving. When that attracted a greater than expected response, other unsung artists and craftsmen were invited to participate. There has never been a government subsidy or sponsorship, no professional nor commercial assistance, just unpaid volunteers led by an Arkansas farmer and his wife. It has all happened in a magical place.

The pioneer Sylvanus Blackburn built his home here in 1832 and it still stands, and the War Eagle River still flows where it powered the turbine of Sylvanus' mill. Nearly everyone who comes here feels something special, and no doubt that is one reason so many have come to this once obscure spot over the past quarter of a century. Untold numbers in the millions (yes, millions) and the great and the mighty have joined the poor and the humble here

Some Info…

Fall Fair dates: October 13 - 16, 2011

Parking fee $2 per vehicle


The War Eagle Seminar was an educational program of the Ozark Arts & Crafts Fair Association, sponsors of the nationally-known War Eagle Fair™. Writing of the early years of the Seminar, former Executive Director Blanche Elliott said,

“An unmatched opportunity was offered for the amateur or the professional to enlarge his artistic talents and improve his techniques at a very reasonable cost. To some, the seminar was a profitable vacation in a secluded countryside, knee-deep in June. To others, it was two weeks of uninterrupted painting, whittling, weaving, or potting that was difficult to come by at home. Out of it all came a fellowship of kindred spirits born of the joy of creating beauty with hands and heart…”


The War Eagle Fair began in 1954 to showcase arts and crafts of the Ozark region. The Board of Directors of the nonprofit association paid scrupulous attention to quality, went out of their way to revive traditional arts and crafts in danger of extinction, and offered visitors free admission and free parking. (Due to rising costs, 2011 will mark the first year the Organization will charge for parking.) Exhibitors undergo strict screening for entry, and must abide by carefully enforced rules and standards. They sell products of their own skill and creativity.

  • Who may exhibit?

Anyone who lives in the United States as long as they have handmade products.

  • How can I become an exhibitor?

This is the most common question asked at the Fair office. Those interested in becoming exhibitors can print an application in Adobe PDF file format or write and request a screening form, enclose a long stamped, pre-addressed envelope and mail to: The War Eagle Fair, PO Box 796, Rogers, AR 72757.   No applications are accepted via fax or email.

  • What are my chances of getting into the Fair as an exhibitor?

Each year, there are far more people who request applications than can be accommodated. Still there are new exhibitors each year. Providing you meet the other requirements, your chances are greater if you are among the best in your field and if the Fair does not already have a large proportion of offerings similar to yours.

Planning a Trip…

As always, there is no admission charge to the War Eagle Fair. Beginning in 2011, a $2 per car parking fee will be implemented. A well trained parking crew directs you in and out, and you won't have to hunt for good food. No dogs are allowed on the grounds, in the tents, or buildings except trained Medical Assist dogs. A first aid station is in the center of everything.  There are permanent restrooms and plenty of porta-potties and even a free package checking service. Don't get so caught up in the tents that you miss the exhibit building! Gates open at 8 a.m. each day and close at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

  • What is the best route to the Fair?

Because of traffic congestion on the one-lane iron bridge across the War Eagle River, we recommend that visitors approach from the south via U.S. 412 and AR Hwy 303.

  • What's the weather like?

Generally, the nights are cool and days are warm, but bring a variety of clothing as it can be quite cool or quite warm.

  • Where can we camp?

There are many campgrounds in nearby areas, particularly along Beaver Lake, including both government and commercial sites ranging from rustic to those with complete facilities. Self-contained camping units are permitted in specified areas on War Eagle Mills Farm, along with tents.

  • What about the Spring Fair?

Started in 1962, the Spring Fair began as an Antique show. After 45 annual events, the last Spring Fair was held in 2006.

  • Is the Fall Fair always at the same time?

No. In the past it has been as early as October 13 and as late as October 29. However, beginning in 1990 it has always started on the Thursday before the 3rd Saturday in October.

***All Information collected from www.wareaglefair.com.***